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Side A
1    I'll Be There for You (TV Version with Dialogue) - By The Rembrandts
2    I Go Blind - By Hootie & The Blowfish
3    Good Intentions (with Dialogue) - By Toad The Wet Sprocket
4    You'll Know You Were Loved - By Lou Reed
5    Sexuality (With Dialogue) - By k.d. lang
Side B
1    Shoebox - By Barenaked Ladies
2    It's a Free World Baby (with Dialogue) - By R.E.M.
3    Sunshine (Cross Fade) - By Paul Westerberg
4    Angel of the Morning (with Dialogue) - By Pretenders
Side C
1    In My Room - By Grant Lee Buffalo
2    Big Yellow Taxi (Traffic Jam Mix with Dialogue) - By Joni Mitchell
3    Stain Yer Blood (with Dialogue) - By Paul Westerberg
4    I'll Be There for You (Long Version with Hidden Track & Dialogue) - By The Rembrandts

Friends Soundtrack

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